Booz Allen Hamilton Partnership

Open to BAH employees

The George Washington University is proud to be an academic partner to Booz Allen Hamilton and their valued employees. We share your goal of helping to meet the needs of clients, gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace, and reaching your full potential.

The Benefits To You

  1. Booz Allen Hamilton employees receive a 10% discount on most GW graduate courses
  2. Renowned faculty who are industry leaders and bring cutting-edge research, theory, and practice to the classroom
  3. Studying at a world-class institution with an international reputation, located in the heart of the nation’s capital

To Take Advantage of this Opportunity:

  • Explore your options and decide what is right for you

View all of our graduate program offerings through the Graduate Program Finder

Note: For graduate programs in the fields of Computer Science or Cybersecurity, explore the GW-Booz Allen Hamilton Corporate Partnership Program in the School of Engineering and Appiled Science.

  • Apply for Admission

Individual courses

Students interested in enrolling in individual courses rather than a full degree or certificate program must apply for non-degree status. When completing the non-degree application please visit this website. Non-degree students do not earn certificates or degrees, but can take courses for a grade, earn credits and receive an official academic record.

Degree/Certificate Programs

The graduate program application should be completed for those wishing to be considered for masters, doctoral, or graduate certificate programs. Review the application process

  • Submit Tuition Forms

Once you have registered for classes, please complete the GW Tuition Benefit Form to receive your 10% discount.


The 10% discount is only applicable toward graduate-level courses. Non-degree students are eligible to take many graduate level courses. However, some are open only to GW degree candidates. The 10% discount is not applicable for Booz Allen Hamilton employees who are funded by a GW scholarship or are part of a custom Booz Allen Hamilton cohort program. 


Additional information about this partnership may be accessed on the Booz Allen Hamilton Tuition Certification Reimbursement policy and application site.