Timelines & Deadlines

Timelines and Deadlines

New graduate students generally begin course work in either the fall semester (late August or early September) or the spring semester (mid-January). Some programs admit students in only one semester per year. Other programs consider applicants for both fall and spring and, in limited cases, applicants may be considered for summer admission (mid-May).

Admission deadlines for GW graduate programs vary by program and degree. You can find the deadline dates and available admission terms for your program on our Graduate Program Finder page.

PLEASE NOTE that many GW programs will consider late applications for admission and financial assistance if space and funding are available. Although you should make every effort to meet the stated application deadline, if you are unable to do so, discuss your situation with the graduate admissions office of the school to which you are applying. If space is not available in the program for the upcoming term, you may apply now for a subsequent semester.