As a graduate student at the George Washington University, there are various policies and procedures to follow in order to be successful while you study here.


Code of Academic Integrity

We expect our students to be honest and truthful in classes and coursework. These expectations and academic disciplinary procedures are detailed within this code.


Accommodations for Religious Holidays

Diversity is a defining attribute of the GW community and we welcome students from all backgrounds. With such a varied community, we adapted accommodations for religious holidays without academic penalty.


Administration of Final Examinations During the Examination Period

Final exams may only be given during the designated final exams period, however students with three or more scheduled on a single day may request to take some on a different day.


Code of Student Conduct

At GW, we expect all members of the community acting on behalf of the university to behave ethically at all times. Through this statement, we have produced standards of our expectations.


The Guide to Students Rights and Responsibilities

This guide is the primary document concerning student behavior, and it applies to all students, at all times.  


University Policy on the Release of Student Information

There is certain information that the university can release about students. Learn what it is and what you can do if you do not want this information about you released.


School Bylaws

GW provides operating procedures within the broader university policies while recognizing the uniqueness of each of our schools and colleges. Each school may have different requirements for members.